Auditing Service

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Audit is an independent appraisal function established within an organization to examine and evaluate its activities as a service to the organization.

Audit & Assurance services

As a leading audit firm in Bihar we maintain the records of the specific company and act as a safeguard for them, building the trust of all the stakeholders in the management. These days, many companies are adopting the auditing services and due diligence services as an annual activity without any legal compliance. The aim is to reveal a clear picture of the company’s finances and help the management take important steps to improve the growth potential.

Tax Audit Services

Tax Audit is an examination of a business or individual tax affairs to check whether the transactions undertaken by them are as per the Income Tax Act like declaration of all the computable income or are they entitled to certain tax deductions or any tax offsets which they had claimed in their tax return. Our taxation advisory team has a vast experience in tax laws of India and they are presently assisting many of our clients with cost-effective and practical solutions to file their tax audit returns in time.

Financial Statement Audit

Our approach as an audit firm includes a deep understanding of your business and the industry in which you operate, enabling us to design an effective audit plan. Our procedure has been designed to comply with:

  • International Standards on Auditing
  • Current Statutes,
  • Indian Accounting Standards,
  • Standards of Quality Control (SQCs),
  • Standards on Auditing (SAs),
  • The guidelines issued by the regulatory board regularly.

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