Stock Audit

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Stock Audit is a process of physical verification of the physical stock maintained in the storehouse of the company and matches the result with the stock registers maintained by the company. It is also called as Inventory Audit. It is needed in production and retail companies where raw material needed to be converted into finished goods and it is the conventional process of maintaining a healthy business and for it to succeed. The inventory level of a company has a direct impact on the company’s profit. Any kind of error in the report can lead to additional expenses for the organization.

Reasons why one should look forward for the stock audi

  • To update the opening stock details.
  • To identify the discrepancy between book stocks also known as computed stock and physical stock.
  • To update the actual physical stock as book stock.
  • To ensure proper preservation and handling of stocks.

We offer reliable stock audit services to companies and organizations with a dedication and aim to help them safeguard and monitor their physical assets and inventories.

Benefits of Stock Audit Services

Prevents Fraud & Pilferage

Stock audit services will disclose any failure due to lack of security which results in loss, theft, or misappropriation. It is also crucial to any sort of inventory losses resulting from wastages, pilferage, dormant and obsolete stock. It also helps in finding out any discrepancies in the packaging and warehouse procedures.

Comparative Profitability

Stock audit enables the true picture of the financial position of the company as the stock that requires replacement or repairment can be worked on efficiently thereby saving the company from any kind of financial loss.

Independent Third Party Opinion

An accurate valuation of the inventory and gap identification in the current inventory management process can be done with the help of professional firm: Stock Audit helps in cross verifications of the stock of the company having multiple business locations

Identification of Slow-moving & Deadstock

Stock audit is necessary to reduce unnecessary investments on stocks and to ensure that you have a proper line balancing in the process. It helps to keep a track of the inventory to avoid any shortage and overstocking of the material. Also, the process of inventory management becomes easier in case the company is dealing with various vendors.

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